3rd Album "COLLAGE" レーベル名:OCTAVE/JAZZ COLLECTIVE 品番:OTCD-3722 定価:2,222円 + 税 発売日:2014.7.23

by news_jazzcolle



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New Release !!







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Patrick Forge's Cosmic Jam Radio Show

DA LATAでも活躍中 LondonのDJ、パトリック フォージの番組で
mini album "jazz collective"の1曲目 Brokenがとりあげられました。

Cosmic Jam Playlist - 02/01/06
posted by Patrick Forge on Thu 5th Jan, 2006

Playlist from 02/01/06 show in Title / Artist / Label order

One Chance (Domu Remix) The Realm+ V Papa
Once Twice Bugz In The Attic V2
The Score Innocent Sorcerers Raw Fusion
Roda Piao (Spiritual South Purified Mix) Azymuth Far Out
Inner City Blues (4-Hero V.I.P Mix) Allen Hoist Soulution
Walk Into My World (Domu Mix) The Baker Boys Ft. Vanessa Freeman Peddler
No Sleep Pts. 1+2 Lanu N/A
Can't Hold Back Rich Medina Ft.Sy Smith Kindred Spirits
Broken Jazz Collective N/A
Heavenly (Yam Who? Mix) Ski Ft. Chi Taylor Rice
The Trip New Cool Collective Ft. Tony Allen Freestyle
What It's About Owusu And Hannibal Ubiquity
Everything In It's Right Place Osunlade + Erro Exit
Love Stomp Sa-Ra Jazzy Sport
I Can Make It Ty Tribbet N/A
O.Y.S. (Night Train Mix) Atlantic Conveyor N/A
Vibration (Drama Mix) Anthony Nicholson King Street
Spectacular Messengers Ft. Anthea + Kapulet Messengers
Impending Doom (Domu Mix) Daedalus Ft.M.F. Doom Ninja Tune

Patrick Forge's Cosmic Jam Radio Show On Kiss Fm Every Sunday 1am-3am. More Info Here: http://www.kiss100.com/nav?page=kiss.dj&fixture_radio_dj=103824
by news_jazzcolle | 2006-01-17 19:42