3rd Album "COLLAGE" レーベル名:OCTAVE/JAZZ COLLECTIVE 品番:OTCD-3722 定価:2,222円 + 税 発売日:2014.7.23

by news_jazzcolle



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New Release !!







The Hurst Selection 22nd December 2012に"Renovation"が取り上げられています!!

The Hurst Selection 22nd December 2012に"Renovation"が取り上げられています!!



The Hurst Selection
22nd December 2012

Big Brooklyn Red Answer The Call Answer The Call 2012
Dilouya Over The Sun feat. OmarDilouya’s Faithful Circus 2012
Bennetrhodes Joyful Spring Sun Ya 2012
Visioneers LuAnne From Harlem Hipology 2012

Gregory Porter On My Way To Harlem Be Good 2012
Esperanza Spalding Radio Song Radio Music Society 2012
Incognito Rivers On The Sun Surreal 2012
Jazzanova Look What You’re Doin’To Me
Funkhaus Studio Sessions with Band and Paul Randolph 2012
Jonathan Winstead I Miss You GirlLovestry 2012

Teena Marie Maria Bonita
Promo: Beautiful - UK: Jan 28/US: Jan 15 2013
José JamesMake It Right
Promo: No Beginning, No End – UK: Jan 21/US: Jan 22 2013

[re:jazz] It’s All Good feat. Nekta Kaleidoscope 2012
A.C.E.G. (All Cows Eat Grass) I’m In Love Be Kool EP 2012
Mister Barrington See Your Face ll 2012
MAZ Everything I Need The Hurst Selection Vol.2 2012
Donald Fagen Slinky Thing Sunken Condos 2012

J.A.M Quiet Wave Jazz Accoustic Machine 2012
Jazz Collective Renovation The Hurst Selection 2 2012
BLACKQP ‘67 New Jazz Samba Anison Club Jazz 2012
13Souls Grand Royal Blues Good Times (I Say) 2012

Nick Van GelderTicataka Groovitas 2012

Carmen Lundy So Beautiful Changes 2012
Eric Benét News For YouThe One 2012

Jazz Soul Seven Freddie’s Dead Impressions Of Curtis Mayfield 2012
by news_jazzcolle | 2012-12-25 15:07